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Based out of Awaken LA Church in Los Angeles, California for the Summer 2023!


Obtain certification presented by the National Slavic District of the Assemblies of God


A vibrant and rigorous program that will inspire and challenge you

Class starts June 16, 9:00am.


15 Jul, 2023
09 am - 10 pm San Diego, CA
05 Aug, 2023
09 am - 09 pm Los Angeles, CA
12 am - 12 am Jun 15, 2023 Seattle WA

Today is the Day to Step Into Your Calling

The Holy Spirit is willing and ready to release an outpouring of anointing over you and speak to your heart in a special way.

This year, our special training center has been grounded in Los Angeles, California, to educate future ministers and missionaries for the coming harvest. I believe that you CAN fulfill God’s commission on this earth, you CAN make a difference on the mission field, and God WANTS to touch you, equip you, and send you. Join forces with us to make a difference in the world today.

Leonid Malko,
Director, Ministry Training Center
Pastor and Advocate for Revival


  • Age……….. 18 years of age or older
  • Fees………. $70 Per Application
  • Housing……. Available
  • Documents….. ID, Photo, HS Diploma
  • Other……… Letter of Recommendation

Now Accepting Applications For

Summer 2022






  • 3-Part Lectured Training
  • Bonus Courses & Trainings
  • Hands-on Live Ministry
  • Hands-on Evangelizing
  • Graduation with Certification


Pastor Leonid Malko

Evangelist Nick Vujicic

Bishop Artur Simonyan

Pastor Alex Pekun 

Evangelist Meesh Fomenko

... and many more!


Leonid and Marina Malko
One must live in such a way, to not be ashamed to meet Jesus; and only a revelation about Him changes us and makes us happy.
Leonid Malko Pastor and Director of Ministry Training Center
Lives are being changed. People are being healed. Destinies are being fulfilled. My mission is to obey the call of God on my life and release others to do the same. This is the essence of who I am. My life call is to preach and release people to an encounter with God.
Meesh Fomenko Pastor and Inspirational Speaker
Nick Vujicic
By the age of 19, Nick started to fulfill his dream of encouraging other people by giving speeches revolving around his life story. He found the purpose to his existence, and also the purpose in his circumstance.
Nick Vujicic Evangelist
In order to grow your ability and be strong in Jesus, you need a constant FLOW of the living water, the Holy Spirit! The Holy Spirit is in us to empower us, lead us, guide us, and to answer our questions! He is there to help us with every decision, to make the right choices, and HE is there to lead us!
Alex Pekun Pastor
It's not enough to believe something about God and a little bit about the Bible. You must commit to the Rock, the Lord Jesus Christ. Your feet must be standing on the Word of God for your life to truly be significantly different.
George Davidiuk Evangelist & Musician


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Ministry Training Center



MTC is not an ordinary Bible School. It is a rigorous training program designed to ignite, inspire, and equip you for the next level in your life and ministry. Get ready for God to radically touch you and equip you for revival in your own city.